SMEG appliances are available to Winchcombe!

‘Would you like to come on an experience day with Smeg?’ Paul asks me. The answer was very much a ‘YES Please!’ from me.

‘You have to make your own lunch there though!’ he says…

I’m sure we’re all familiar with Smeg’s retro fridges and quirky pastel hued small appliances, but I wanted the opportunity to find out more.

We are about to start selling their kitchen appliances here and this day was aimed at showing us what they had to offer.

The Italian, 3rd generation, family run business was founded by Vittorio Bertazzoni in 1948 with the focus on the production of metal enamelling.

Vittorio was from Guastalla, a town near Reggio Emilia in northern Italy, hence the acronym

S- Smalterie   M- Metallurgiche  E- Emiliane  G- Guastalla

Or the “Guastalla Emilia Enamel Works”

Skip forward to present day and their 3 factories in Italy produce over 6 million units per year, servicing not only domestic households but also commercial and health and medical instruments.

Moving aside their most famous range the 50s Retro (we’ll come back to this) Smeg have got the modern atheistic bang on!

SMEG Dolce Stil Novo range


Their Dolce Stil Novo range that we will soon offer, shows you just this. I was pleasantly impressed when I saw the range. The sleek built-in style is spacey in a Star Trek kind of way and the metal trim, seen here in copper breaks up the block black, offering a hint on interest and keeping the eyes drawn.

SMEG Dolce Sink

Wine fridge, check, matching sink, check, pull out sommelier drawer, what!? Yes, if you like a tipple and want to show off your wine expertise at dinner parties then this is defiantly for you.

SMEG Dolce Somellier Drawer

These ovens have pyrolytic cleaning, and some have steam cooking capability, dual and multifunction, you get all the functions you would expect from a premium range.

SMEG Dolce oven

SMEG Linea Range

The next range we will offer you is the Linea Range. Still a very contemporary range, glass and stainless steel are complimented beautifully by chrome and the backlit detail of the control knobs, full touch screen controls are available as well.

The range includes, hobs, sinks, coffee machines and more so you can achieve a minimalist matching scheme in your kitchen. The ovens have pyrolytic cleaning and steam cooking.

The silver glass finish is stylish and there’s nothing else like it on the market, although I think the white is particularly striking.

SMEG Linea oven

SMEG Victoria Range

Moving towards the retro we will also offer the Victoria Range, which works perfectly with their 50s retro fridges and small appliances. Modern function combines with more nostalgic styling and industrial finishes. The Victoria was inspired by Smeg’s very first cooker in 1948.

Originally available in the traditional cream and black enamel, the range is now offered in other colours including pastel blue, pastel pink, silver and red wine.

The range includes ovens with pyrolytic cleaning, removable glass door interiors for easy cleaning, and digital displays keep things current.

The ranges rival Aga and Range Master styles but these pack a whole lot more when it comes to everyday function. The quality is there, with all the detail and character you’d want from a large kitchen appliance. They demand attention.

SMEG Blue Victoria Range

SMEG 50s Retro Style

And now the range that Smeg are most famous for – 50s Retro Style!  This covers their trademark chunky and colourful fridges and their small appliances.

We’ll be stocking these smaller appliances very soon in our Winchcombe show room so keep your eyes peeled! Although with these colours available you’re not likely to miss them!

Smeg’s distinctive style and usual robustness come together here. These items are well made and look amazing whether your committing to a large fridge or just a splash of colour with a kettle or toaster.

smeg retro blenders mixers and kettles at redbrook kitchens


SMEG retro fridges at redbrook kitchens

SMEG pizza ovens!

The favourite thing about the Smeg appliances though, for me must be the most Italian aspect of their design; almost all the ovens and ranges they produce are pizza ovens! Yes, that’s right, complete with removable stone bases and 240o heat capability. Needless to say, Paul and I enjoyed this part of the day the most!

ashleigh walsch from Redbrook kitchens makes pizza at SMEG


paul masek from redbrook kitchens at SMEG


pizza made at SMEG by redbrook kitchens

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