Redbrook design and install bespoke kitchens in the Cotswolds. This illustration is of a designer's workstation with line drawing and tools


Redbrook Kitchens boasts three generations of family experience in precision craftsmanship, design and construction.

Redbrook design and install bespoke kitchens in the Cotswolds. This illustration is of a craftsman hand carving wood with a chisel to illustrate Redbook bespoke kitchens in the Cotswolds


We know the importance of the small details. You can trust our workmanship even where you can't see it.

Redbrook design and install bespoke kitchens in the Cotswolds. This illustration is of a man wearing a facemask to protect his eyes while he turns a piece of wood


Design and skilled manufacture guarantees superb quality and durability for years of satisfaction and enjoyment.

Paul Masek is Proprietor of Redbrook kitchens. Redbrook design and install bespoke kitchens in the Cotswolds.



While not exactly born on a workshop floor, it could be argued that I cut my teeth there and that design and engineering are in my blood.

My Grandfather was a pattern maker in the Czech Republic and - as a claim to fame - made screws for the Queen Mary liner.

During his working life, my Father made parts for Meteor jets, pit props for Dowtys and was production manager for Chad Valley. He used to fit out courtrooms, crematoriums and offices. Together we supplied Bovis Homes West with all their kitchen and spread the marketing to many other house builders.. As you can imagine, I was thrown into the factory from an early age.

If all the best people work their way up from the bottom and I certainly did: my first job was the relentless task of sorting, drilling, sanding and stacking chair arms. I escaped from that as soon as possible, but something must have seeped into my veins - maybe the smell of freshly oiled wood or the satisfaction that comes from creating something out of nothing - because I went on to get a degree in interior design from Hornsey College of Art. Afterwards gaining valuable experience at a Dixons store. I then went to Aston University, achieved an MBA, my father eventually retired, and I was left to run the company. The rest, as they is history.

While we move with the times and are fans of state-of-the-art appliances that make lives easier, our roots are in quality, personal service and unique handcrafted design. Our craftsmen work by hand with traditional techniques to bring you bespoke, luxurious design at an affordable price. From concept to creation you can be sure of a personalised and dedicated collaboration, where we work with you to bring your project into fruition.

Bring us your concept, you dream, your idea and we'll create the reality.

Our Skills & Expertise

We believe that it is only befitting to take time when you’re renovating your property and seek professional advice to make an informed decision. At Redbrook Kitchens, we work with you to transform your ideas into reality.

Whether you're looking for a painted, timber, traditional or contemporary kitchen, we'll provide the ideal solution. If you require a new kitchen, we’ll design and fit a kitchen that suits your budget and requirements.
And rest assured you're in safe hands - we've been designing and installing bespoke kitchens in the Cotswolds since 1991.
Redbrook design and install bespoke kitchens in the Cotswolds. This illustration is of various wood carving tools resting on a piece of wood


A British company built on reputation and the pursuit of excellence.

Nestled in the heart of the English Cotswolds, Redbrook kitchens  is immersed in the traditional values of craftsmanship and design. We understand and love the beauty of both natural and high tech materials and have combined our skills with modern engineering practices to provide the ultimate in artisan furniture creation.

From a small sketch, an idea or an artistic whim, we can design a concept to match your requirements. Whether its traditional, quirky, modern or outrageous, we'll source the materials and create an experience that you'll love and will be proud of for years to come.

Paul and Paddy from Redbrook kitchens - designers and installers of luxury kitchens in Gloucestershire