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Luxury kitchens in Gloucestershire

Based in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, we've been designing, manufacturing & installing the finest bespoke kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms for over 30 years. Designed to your specification and lovingly built for years of enjoyment; every item we make is as unique as you are.

Bringing beauty, style and functionality to the heart of your home.

Call us now on 01242 621 177 and let us bring your dream into reality.

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Est. 1991

Established in 1991, Redbrook Kitchens was formed with one thing mind – you, the client.

From our Cheltenham-based workshop, we design, manufacture and install luxury kitchens in Gloucestershire and beyond.

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Some designers charge for a quotation. We don't. What you get from us is transparency guaranteed, every step of the way. Our quotations outline everything you will pay for, clearly and concisely.

choose your look

Modern and Classic

Whether your home is modern or classic, we know that great service never goes out of style! Whether you want a shaker-style kitchen, painted wood or state-of-the-art modern, our craftsmen will create it.

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bespoke - as standard

Dream it, Create it

'Standard' doesn't exist in the Redbrook vocabulary. Everything is bespoke. We've honed our craft since 1991 and we're proud of our impeccable attention to detail. You deserve the best.

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the little things

be wowed!

The little things matter. They're what gives us the wow factor. We're flexible in our approach and we'll accommodate the unique sizes, shapes and quirks of your home to create something breathtaking.

the details


We apply oils and paints by hand with skilled craftsmen rather than spray with a machine. The result is a more permanent product and better finish that will give you a lifetime of pleasure.

visit our showroom


Find Redbrook Kitchens showroom the spectacular setting of Winchcombe in the Cotswolds. If you want to know the experience of true British craftsmanship, you need to see the quality, touch the smooth contours and textures. It's about pride, passion and refinement...


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What keeps you awake at night?


Hoping it all turns out alright, or excited to see a superb transformation?
We are confident that our decades of experience and knowhow will provide the highest quality of design and functionality. Our mission is to exceed your expectations.

Designing and installing luxury kitchens in Gloucestershire.

need to know more?

We've built our reputation on quality craftsmanship, our eye for the finer details and that all-important personal touch.


We bring our expertise, commitment and passion to every project and every element of that project, however small.


This winning combination results in a breath-taking kitchen that will wow you every day.