Modern Kitchen Layout Ideas

Previously we have spoken about the Country style Kitchen, which being based in the Cotswolds is something we specialise in and our customers frequently want.

Today we will talk about Modern Kitchen layout ideas and how we can help you create this style, whether your going for a full kitchen re-work or just wanting to add some more contemporary styling to your current kitchen.

What does modern mean?

I think the Modern Kitchen of today is all about simplicity and clever styling, cutting edge gadgets and elegant storage solutions. These are things that all spring to mind when we talk about a modernised aesthetic.

Materials are also important – think stainless steel, glass, glossy light reflecting work tops. Units in light colours keep the look clean and unfussy.

Modern can still be achieved using the handmade techniques we employ. Doors of wood in a Shaker Style, painted the colour of your choosing look simple and stylish.  Choosing a more contemporary handle for the doors and drawers, like bar handles, completes the look.

The straight lines of the main run of units is mirrored in the use of a straight stainless-steel extractor and the floating shelves keep the space open and light as seen below:

modern kitchen layout ideas minimalist design from redbrook kitchens


The same use of wood is used here as well, the more traditional in-frame style we spoke of in the Country style Kitchen is made more modern by the simplicity of the brass ware, and the splashes of bright colour in the glass splash back and pendant lights. Painting the units a bright neutral colour brings the whole look together.

modern kitchen layout ideas splash of colour from redbrook kitchens

Choose integrated appliances. The oven set high into tall units and the position of the hob adds efficiency to cooking and looks professional. The glossy induction hob is the ultimate in modern kitchen styling and the heat delivery is faster than gas. The doors here are made of high quality Senoplast Acrylic, a polished, durable and cutting-edge finish.

modern kitchen layout ideas hardwood floors redbrook kitchens

Keeping work surfaces clear from small appliances and ingredients means you can keep the accessorising to a minimum.

Corner Stone Pull Out Shelving for corner cupboards means your maximising the use of the normally hard to reach space. Stowing Pots and pans and everyday crockery out of site.

modern kitchen layout ideas minimalist storage from redbrook

Tall pull out larder systems allows you to shut the door on tinned goods, spices and more.

modern kitchen layout ideas pull out storage from redbrook kitchens

Ditch the kettle altogether and get the Quooker Boiling Water Tap. Instant boiling, hot and cold water, efficient, cost effective and safe, it’s the ultimate tap!

modern kitchen layout ideas Quooker Boiling Water Tap. from Redbrook

These are just a few ideas to get you started, but we are here to help if you would like help with more Modern Kitchen layout ideas.

Ashleigh Welch

Ashleigh Welch

With a natural flair for creativity and design, let Ashleigh help guide you through the many styles and colours of tiles for your home. Her bathroom and kitchen designs are breath-takingly realistic, thanks to her brilliant Auto-CAD skills. Ashleigh is a keen gardener and enjoys crafting, fashion and upcycling in her spare time.

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